The friend of our enemy

U.S. Officer: Pakistani Forces Aided Taliban

Defense News:

Pakistani military forces flew repeated helicopter missions into Afghanistan to resupply the Taliban during a fierce battle in June 2007, according to a U.S. Marine lieutenant colonel, who says his information is based on multiple U.S. and Afghan intelligence reports.

You really should read the whole thing. A lot of the claims are based on observations by Afghan intelligence, and even if true it’s not clear that Pakistani forces are operating under official orders.


  1. I’m assuming that it’s because no-one carries a stinger into battle – just wait till an SF team take one – then it should be interesting! Or wait… I bet you they will say that they were on a mission to strike the Taliban.

    When it comes to the media, the truth is never that good a story – plus if they lie the first time round, it makes the story sell for even longer.

  2. I think it’s entirely appropriate for Americans (OK, call them NATO) to give the Pakistanis the benefit of the doubt the first time something like this happens.

    And an article like this is a good way to serve fair notice that the next time this happens, the Pakistani’s need to take care of it themselves if it is some kind of rogue operation, or we WILL shoot them down.

  3. Total guess on my part, but I think this probably reflects the decay of the Paki military command structure, as Pakistan itself is splintering along political and religious lines. The Paki support for the Muj is probably coming from someone further down the chain of command with more sympathy for Afghani insurgent forces. That area of Pakistan is not exactly right next to Islamabad, so to me it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely that a Paki General or Colonel might get notions into his head to follow his heart and not his orders.

    Then there is the fact that Pakistan is in enough turmoil and under enough pressure from elements within right now, that were the US administration to start screaming about this and leaning on Musharraf at that time, or his successor now would just lead to more problems for both of us.

    Not encouraging news, no matter how you interpret it.

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