Friday Linkzookery – 10 Oct 2008

Pakistani Army rejects Waziristan operation
Our good allies.

Humvees seized in [Georgia] still not returned

France And Russia Want To Play Rough
The Rooskies never seem to be terribly concerned about collateral damage.

“May Issue” also means “May Revoke”
Due to a policy change, your concealed carry permit is being revoked. Have a nice day.

Same-Day Registration, Voting, in Ohio
What could possibly go wrong with that?

Sailor Zac Sunderland endures first pirate scare
Lone 16-year-old deters pirates with a geranium and a smile. (Just kidding. He used a gun.)

Hyperion Power Nuclear Reactor
27-30 MW of electricity for only 15-20 tons. They hope to mass-produce them.

Got Ship’s Cargo? Go Fly A Kite!
Bring on the sailing ships.

Back to the big guns
The 3rd BCT of the 10th ID is looking forward to more opportunities to use the heavies. They’ll transition to the new M777 155mm from their current M119 105mm, too.

How Do the Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans Affect Taxpayers’ Marginal Tax Rates?
Marginal rates aren’t the biggest number to watch, but they’re worth keeping an eye on.

Street View operatives object to being snapped
Google Street View crew cites privacy concerns. They’ll get over it. Or not. Who cares?

Petition going around asking educators to sign a letter in support of Bill Ayers
Yes, that Bill Ayers. The Bill Ayers that’s an unrepentant terrorist and vocally proud of it.

What happened to the Georgian navy?
Lots of pics.

Ironman competition co-founded by Navy officer in 1978
Triathlete trains for ‘Super Bowl’ of races

Ayers, Revolution and Community Organizing
I am continuously amazed by people who claim Ayers wasn’t a terrorist AND that Bush is a Nazi.

We’re All Soldiers of Fortune Now
An old article by Glenn Reynolds on the mainstreaming of survivalism.

Ford feature will let parents set limits for teens
Speed governor and constant seat belt warning for teen drivers. “I wouldn’t want my parents to have that much control over how I’m driving,” says one teen. Get your own car and pay your own insurance, says Murdoc.


  1. “Parents also have the option of having the car sound a chime if the teen exceeds 45, 55 or 65 mph.”

    I propose an option where a boxing glove on a strong spring comes out of the dashboard when the kid exceeds a specified limit.

    Kids, by nature, do stupid things.

    I know I was one once!

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