Michigan will be Blue

McCain pulling out of Michigan

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is giving up on winning Michigan.

Republican officials with knowledge of the strategy say the GOP candidate is shifting resources to other states. Democrat John Kerry won here in 2004, but McCain had tried to make it a target to switch parties this year amid economic problems in the state.

I’m not surprised that Michigan is leaning hard to the Left, but I am a bit surprised how much and how early. A lot of folks have been telling me that they expected Michigan to go for McCain, but I’ve been totally unconvinced.

For what it’s worth, even here in relatively conservative west Michigan, I think Obama bumper stickers and lawn signs outnumber McCain bumper stickers and lawn signs about 5-1 (or more). I was in the state capital of Lansing last weekend, near the middle of the state, and the ratio was probably 10-1. I know that doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it certainly doesn’t look like a state on the verge of shifting to the Red.

Seems that the McCain campaign agrees.


  1. Im out in the country, 30 minuted east of Lansing and McCain signs outnumber Obama signs by at least 7 to 1.

    Unfortunately, the University student masses mostly go for Democratic candidates, and that why we cant get this state in the right column.

    My family and entire road will be voting McCain for what its worth.

  2. Gov. Palin just said that she and Todd would like to have a shot at Michigan. She isn’t ready to give up on MI, so maybe you’ll see them up there walking around some plants soon.

  3. MO, I noticed you have not posted much on the political race lately, but then again you are a military blog. Anyways, is anyone who reads this blog paying attention to the videos showing the kids singing about Obama like the kids in Korea sing about Kim?

    check out this video here before they remove it.


    I don’t like McCain, but I am terrified of Obama and his supporters. The left is always accusing the republicans of being fascists, but this is downright scary.

  4. This was something that really should not have been announced. They should’ve just left it up to speculation. While it might have been more effective to shift strategies and drop Michigan, the actual out loud announcement of it has been pretty demoralizing to Michigan republicans in general, while being a cost free morale boost to the Democrats here.

    Admittedly, McCain probably wouldn’t have won; just on account of enough people in MI that think bad taxes, policy, everything etc is cool.

    Ugh. Last thing we needed.

  5. The democrats sure have not left Michigan. They are running massive recruitment drives, lining up Vans, cars, trucks for transporting black and Muslims and older people that don’t have transportation. Their Muslim drive has been going on for over two years there and in other states.

    Plus as you know from the early voting, voter fraud has already been discovered.

    It is going to be hard defeating “The One”.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  6. Yeah Papa,

    That’s the key to the Democrat plan, lets sign up all the black Muslims that don’t have cars to win this election. They are going to be who decides this race. You must also believe that all those folks losing their homes are to blame for our economic state. Those uppity poor folks that thought they could own their own home killed our economy. This is all I hear on right wing radio. This is the kind of brainless foolishness that let us invade Iraq on the cheap. Caused us to sacrifice many of our best and brightest in a conflict that did not have to be fought (something no American should ever forgive).
    God forbid that we actually use words hope and freedom. There are lots of real hard working, tax paying, god fearing folks in this country that are real proud of Mr. Obama and what he stands for. I for one am very tired to the BS and ignorance that Bush and his boys have fed us and stood for over the past eight years.

    BTW Papa, lots of Muslims lining up for rides in West Texas?

  7. It’s been an interesting week at MSU. Barry The Annointed showed up on campus last week. The line to get onto Adams Field had to be seen to be believed. You could hear the cheering from any point on campus. It really sounded like a football game. You could tell exactly which building USSS were using; anything with a bell tower, or there were manlifts extended to the roofs with folks patroling the rooftops. The Rock was even painted in his honor (not that he would understand honor mid you…)

    The Get Out The Vote folks are out in force on Grand River Ave., harassing any pedestrian to register. I’m told stories of Republicans using this outlet to register only to find their paperwork was, mysteriously, never submitted.

    It’s plain ‘ol depressing around here how many folks are in it for Barry the Messiah. Even teachers are openly calling for his election in classes.

    If E.L. is indicative of Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw, and Grande Rapids is even in Barry The Basterd’s pocket, than I don’t blame McCain/Palin one bit for abandoning the state, ESPECIALLY in favor of Ohio.

    I sure as hell would.

    JPBaz- The Dems have NEVER cared about the military. Their common view is folks who join are too stupid or servile to do anything else. While they have never cared, they sure don’t mind deploying the military for anything, even to smack countries that never attacked us. I invite you to look into the administrations of Wilson, F.D. Roosevelt (Japan certainly attacked, Germany and Italy did not), Truman, Johnson, and Clinton. While I certainly respect the fact that you are entitled to your beliefs (something your party is not willing to do for me by the way)I would caution you about suddenly caring about all the servicemembers who have deployed for this war, politicizing their sacrifices for your political motives/gains.

    We don’t like it.

  8. Hey Chase,

    The Spartans won this weekend so it can be all bad.

    You forgot the Kennedy administration, where do they fall? Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial complex, is he anti military? You got to be careful with sweeping statements about all people, they are usually wrong and don’t help us debate or learn anything. I apologize if I snapped at Papa but the debate in this country comes down to this … Pro Obama = Liberal = Commie = Pro Hanoi Jane = Does not care about the US Military or the sacrifices made by our men and women. That is pure BS that the republican party made into an art form. I would never attack McCain’s war record. I voted for him once too. But it’s ok to question John Kerry’s service? Question snap decisions he made under fire on the other side of the world? On the radio this morning I have to listen to our local “sports” guys talking about how Obama supports terrorists and the Weather underground. You gotta be kidding me.

    Please do not assume that I am minimizing anyone’s sacrifices for political motives. You would be wrong. I love it how anti Iraq invasion becomes anti military. War is bad, soldiers and civilians die, ask a combat veteran. You better know why you are doing it, not just because you can. When you do it, do not try to lie to me and say it was because of WMD or because Saddam supported 9/11. The war was based on lies. The Iraq invasion was bad strategy and tactics. It was not the right battle to fight. What are we trying to win? We pay our President to see the big picture and fight the right battles. We trust him with our most precious resources the men and women in the military.

    “Ours is a government of liberty by through and under the law. A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be great or a democracy” TR. Being a liberal is not always a bad thing.

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