CHEMICAL FACILITY? 15:46 23 Mar 2003

A report that the 3rd ID may have captured a chemical weapons facility (headed by a general) near An Najaf has been showing up on all sorts of blogs today. This is the sort of major “event” that requires us to count to ten and then wait and see. Personally I don’t have any doubts that we will uncover several such sites, but let’s not jump the gun on this one. If the report is accurate, it will still be accurate tomorrow. If it is not accurate, we won’t look like idiots tomorrow if we don’t go nuts today.

Update 19:33 23 Mar 2003

The Pentagon has confirmed this, including the fact that the place was run by a general. He’s apparently in US custody.

Update 21:45 23 Mar 2003

A WMD team is on the way to An Najaf to investigate the place. No one is really sure what sort of chemicals were made in the plant, but it is reportedly camoflaged in a manner consistent with previous WMD facilities in Iraq. And it was commanded by a General. We’ll see.