TIGRIS AND EUPHRATES 15:26 23 Mar 2003

Marines are fighting in and around An Nasiriyah just over the Euphrates river. The 3rd Infantry has reached An Najaf, just on this side of the Euphrates. Where’s the 101st? the last I saw of them, except when some bastard was fragging his own buddies, they were sitting in trucks on the Kuwait/Iraq border. Trucks? Aren’t they going to chopper in somewhere? The ships in the Med that carry the equipment for the 4th Infantry are going to pass through the Suez Canal, I guess heading for Kuwait. They won’t arrive in time for the 4th to take part in this assault.

Will the Marines head north from An Nasiriyah toward the Tigris? Is that the “pincer” movement? Or are other Marines already headed up the Tigris from Basrah? Either way, Al Kut is between them and Baghdad. Al Kut, you may recall, is where the Republican Guard units were supposedly issued chemical artillery shells.