Canuck Arty in Action

Via Theo Spark, where Minicapt points out that this is not US but Canadian. And the first unit to use the new M777 lightweight 155mm in combat.


  1. Man, I’ve always really liked 155mike-mike for the full on slam it does to anything it hits and shakes the ground for quite a ways off. What I can’t hardly believe is how accurate this new M777 is with the GPS guidance, like in this video showing insurgents walking down an alley and the next thing is grand-slam pin-point right in the alley. WOW! You see bad guys suddenly sprout wings and fly around the target AO (or at least pieces of ’em)!
    Incredible.. Glad to see an old warhorse like the 155 getting upgraded with this new Excaliber ammo.
    This is my first visit to your site and I intend on coming back and spending some time checking it out.

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