This is what happens when they let kids on the internet

I can’t bring myself to post it on the front page, so you’ve got to click here to see it. From Reddit.

Here’s a comment from someone who gets the humor explaining it to us who don’t:

And for all you sissies whining about “decency” and “conscience,” are any of you laughing at the fact that Palin’s child is mentally handicapped? Or are you laughing at the clever presentation of the joke? There’s a difference you know.

Ah. So suddenly all of the black jokes are funny as long as the presentation is clever. Got it.

I was a stupid kid once. I thought a lot of stupid things were funny. In fact, I still think some of them are. But I don’t think I ever found something like this funny. No matter how cleverly presented.

Why is it that female conservatives are the subject of such insane hatred?

And then there’s this, from someone who admits that the joke is over the line:

She’s an unqualified bitch to say the least, but she’s still a human. Teasing her retarded kid just makes me feel sorry for her, and I hate that. Freaking bitch needs to die in a fire!

Yes, dear readers. One of the reasonable ones says “the freaking bitch needs to die in a fire.”

If you ask them, they’ll tell you that Conservatives or Republicans or Christians are the intolerant ones.

I really don’t want to keep posting on this. But they won’t let me stop.


  1. From what I’ve read, if Obama is elected, he will simply wave his arms above our nation and everyone will love each other again. C’mon people now. Smile on your brother.

  2. Yep, they’re the tolerant ones alright. Please somebody say that crap in front of me. Just once, instead of hiding in your mama’s basement and anonymously typing in this utter fecal matter, come out and say it in public. Stand on a street corner and scream it if you want. But quit hiding. let the whole world see how ugly and ridiculously malicious you really are.

  3. God will get you for that atheist comment! 🙂

    The thing I love about Obama is his unrepentent soaring rhetoric. If we just stand shoulder to shoulder, and build bridges between our differences, we’ll be able to tear down all those walls that stand between us! Or some such emo tripe. Reminds me of Dr. Phil dispensing pathetically obvious 8th grade psych advice on Oprah. You know, Barak, if a big warm and fuzzy group hug, some serious tearful confessional dialog, and a couple of Kumbaya refrains were going to actully solve any intractable problems, or long standing hatreds……..we’da all been in paradise a long time ago. Human nature just doesn’t work that way, unless of course………… and your left wing elitist cohorts were envisioning some sort of socialist paradise where you’re able to toss anyone who disgrees with you into reeducation camps.

    Did I say that outload?

  4. Clearly many of those commenting on the Reddit site give good reason for drowning some children at birth. God help many older Americans in the future. These kids will be voting for enforced euthanasia of their parents so they can afford their Starbucks. The parents should have struck first.

  5. I’m with Chad on this one…and Flanker.
    Just once, I would love one for one of these whiney, sniveling brats to say that kind of thing to my face…about ANY candidate. I don’t like Obama, infact I think he’s a Marxist through and through, but even I would wanna punch someone for saying crap like that.

    Meanwhile a lady in Lufkin, TX gets investigated because a pollster SAID (no tapes of this supposed “threat”) that she said “Obama would die on a hospital floor” (she said she wouldn’t vote for someone who voted for botched abortion babies to die on the floor of a closet), and a Sherrif in Florada is being investigated by the FBI for using his BHO’s middle name at a republican political ralley….

    WTF is the world coming to?

  6. Flanker I don’t think God will care if I despise the atheists who insult him and his worshippers. I am not saying I want to kill them. Hey, it is not my fault that atheists, gay pride nuts, ultra-liberals, environuts who keep us from using nuclear power, soldier haters, and other all support Obama.

  7. In my hiatus during midterm week…I’m quite ashamed at my peers. I’m part of the apparent ‘myspace’ generation. I visit site like these years ago.

    m(_ _)m

    I’d like to say I didn’t find that funny, and there are ‘kids’ on the net like me who don’t either. The people who post like these are the 13-16 year olds who try to act cool and imitate those who had been on the net since it existed.

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