UNIT PATCHES 12:10 22 Mar 2003

There are lot of US units in the Gulf. Here are patches of some of the divisions on the ground that you may see on the troops while watching the coverage.

3rd Infantry Division 101st Airborne Division 1st Marine Division
The two Army units seem to be on the way to Baghdad. The 3rd Infanty is a “heavy” infantry division, meaning it has 2 armored brigades and 1 infantry brigade. The 101st Airborne (The famed “Screaming Eagles”) are air assault infantry, which means they can be delivered by helicopter. Both divisions also have artillery, air attack, and other units attached. The 1st Marine Division, along with the British 1st Armored Division, are in the Basrah region.

Update 14:35 22 Mar 2003

Here are a few more related to what’s happening.

4th Infantry Division 173rd Airborne Brigade 82nd Airborne Division

The 4th Infantry is what we apparently wanted to send through Turkey to create a major northern front. Most of their equipment and some of their men are on ships in the Mediterranean. The rest of the men are still in the States. The 173rd Airborne is a brigade-sized parachute infantry unit based in Italy. Rumor has them in Jordan and/or western Iraq. The 82nd Airborne (the last division-sized parachute unit in the US military) reportedly had a brigade in Kuwait, but they aren’t listed on the current Order of Battle on Globalsecurity. There are definitely elements of the 82nd in Afghanistan participating in Operation Valiant Strike.