Big Game Black Rifle Cartridge

Over at GunPundit I have some news about the new 30 Remington AR round we learned about today at the Remington New Products Seminar.


  1. Not sure I would call the 30 Remington AR a big game cartridge but it appears to be a candidate for a fine deer cartridge.

  2. You’re right, Gerald. And deer is mostly what they talked about, though they did talk “big game.”

    They really emphasized that they were going for .308 performance, which should lead one to believe that it’s intended for what you use .308 for today. If you need more than a .308, you will also need more than a 30RAR.

    I think they just want to make sure that it’s clear this is not a varmint round but a legit hunting round.

  3. 7.62mm, 123 grain, optimal range being 350 yards…the more i look, the more it looks like a russian 7,62×39…

  4. To be clear, the 123 grain FMJ round (which uses the same bullet as the 7.62×39) is considered a training round only.

    I’ll agree that this intermediate range is getting crowded, though.

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