Elephant Gun For Snipers

Strategy Page posts on the .408 CheyTac.


  1. The .408 seems quite incredible. I mean, considerably smaller and ligher, but packing more energy and less drifting. Its full of win.

  2. To be honest, I consider it to be a better option for an “intermediate’ sniper rile than the .338 Lapua (definitely a head to head competitor with the .416 Barret though). Wouldn’t want to be on the business end of one!

  3. Flanker: That’s sure what the numbers say. I don’t know anyone that says any of these rounds should take the place of the .50, but there’s always a middle range needing a solution.

  4. Comparing the .408 Chey to the Barret.416 feels like comparing the NATO 7,62×51 to the russian 7,62×54. Very similar claimed peformances.

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