Can’t live with the, apparently can’t shoot them: Somali pirates may extend deadline

Somali pirates holding an arms-laden Ukrainian tanker off Somalia may extend the deadline on their threat to destroy the vessel, a spokesman said Monday.

In Kiev, angry relatives of the ship’s crew members demanded that Ukraine’s government stop delaying and just pay a multimillion-dollar ransom to the pirates.

The pirates have said they will destroy the MV Faina on Monday night or early Tuesday unless a ransom is paid. They may extend the deadline following requests from the ship’s owner and other unidentified people, pirate spokesman Sugule Ali said.

I hope someone has decided that anyone leaving the ship after the supposed deadline will be considered a target.

Meanwhile: Somali troops free cargo ship held for 5 days

According to the report, Somai troops assualted the Panama-flagged cargo ship. One soldier was killed and three wounded. No pirates or hostages were hurt, and the pirates surrendered after they ran out of ammo.

Not even Somalis, apparently, can shoot pirates.


  1. At least the Somalis are willing to at least shoot in the general direction of pirates!

  2. To be fair, I don’t think this a problem that is limited to this conflict.

    Politics has gone so far that even when it is so stupidly obvious who is the evil party in this event it is wrong to interfere.

    I think this extends to every conflict and all troubles in the world.

    The only thing that happens is that someone gets the blame at the end. In a few years someone will point out that because of a lack of action in this problem, the pirates have grown at an exponential rate. Therefore we will be to blame for this problem…

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