Royal Navy will tackle pirate scourge

Stock in all publicly-held pirate companies probably took a dump today on this news:

The Royal Navy is to be given the power to seize and arrest suspected pirates in the Gulf of Aden under new emergency legislation, senior defence sources have disclosed.

The the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is talking to the Government of Somalia about drawing up a memorandum of understanding to allow Royal Navy warships to enter Somali territorial waters in pursuit of pirates and hand over captured suspects to the Mogadishu authorities, according to the sources.

UPDATE: Meanwhile: Somalia: Pirates get another ship


  1. Rly? I thought Britain just negotiated with terrorists. In fact, I’m sure of it. What makes you think they will actually do anything?

  2. This agreement is merely to reduce blowback, collateral damage and the possibility of retaliation from unconnected groups; it doesn’t arrange any new authority to pursue, since that is already available under the Doctrine of Hot Pursuit. Notwithstanding that, the more co-operation the better, for the above reasons.

    And actually, Britain has been negotiating with terrorists since at least 1783 (think about it). Within the last century it has done so in Ireland and the Palestinian Mandate, which taught others in those parts the obvious lesson that terrorism works (an amusing poisoned chalice to leave the terrorists along with their gains, that).

  3. Good for them! Oh wait, it seems the latest budget cuts in Britain left no Royal Navy.

    Seriously however, it is good to see some action.

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