Marathon Murdoc

Murdoc ran his first marathon yesterday. Ouch.

Sometimes, no matter how much harder you push yourself, you just keep slowing down. This was the case over the last few miles yesterday morning. I think I ran as hard as I could, and I didn’t make any significant mistakes. Though I missed my best-case goal by just over a minute, I’m quite pleased with my race.

My legs, on the other hand, are more than a little upset about things right now.

Regular blogging to resume shortly.


  1. Congrats. I can barely stay in formation for a run with my ROTC battalion (working on PT) congrats for making the marathon!

  2. Good Job. I get tired out after a 5K, there is no way that I could last for another 37K. it is really amazing that anyone can run that far. Unless you’re a Kenyan. good point Geek.

  3. So…………….can I pay you to do the run and obsticle course on my next security contract PT test? 🙂

    Din Din at the Roadhouse on 44th St!

  4. I see the River Run is in May, so I know it wasn’t that. A HS friend of my Brother’s has always been a distance runner, and a former coworker of mine was too………….they really enjoyed it but it always took a few days for them to get back to normal after a race. Advil and easy stretches to get the kinks out, Bro!

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