IN THE MAIL: Secret and Dangerous

Just received a very special IN THE MAIL book, an autographed copy of Secret and Dangerous: Night of the Son Tay POW Raid by William A. Guenon. A loyal reader chatted with him at a local open cockpit day and picked it up for ol’ Murdoc.

Here’s the goods:

A thrilling eyewitness account of the secret humanitarian mission in 1970 by one of the pilots who flew the amazing C-130 aircraft on the edge of a stall at night while leading six helicopters in close formation deep into North Vietnam for a daring rescue attempt of POWs being held in the shadows of Hanoi.

As a two-part story, it also describes the same raider-pilot’s return to Son Tay prison 24 years later, in broad daylight with camera in hand, including his high-anxiety confrontation and arrest by North Vietnamese police.

It includes 64 rare pictures and diagrams, most never declassified and published until now.

Looks good and I’ll have a bit more on it after I’ve had a chance to get through it.

And a big high five to the reader who thought of Murdoc and sent this on. Thanks!


  1. If you want to read what it is like to fly AFSOC missions in the MC-130… pick up and read

    The Praetorian STARShip: The Untold Story of the Combat Talon. by Col. Jerry L. Thigpen, USAF (Ret.).

    This is by far the best book written on the subject…


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