Friday Linkzookery – 24 Oct 2008

House Democrats Contemplate Abolishing 401(k) Tax Breaks
Attacking a program where investors control their own destiny. Like usual.

They came, they saw, then left the Afghan war without a single mission
German KSK Special Forces performed no missions? I thought I had read otherwise.

Palin Guarantees Win in Pennsylvania
Probably just a bit of regular grandstanding, but I really do think a couple of states are closer than the press would have you believe.

Video of Police Pursuit in San Diego
The guy saved the overworked courts and the overcrowded prisons a bit of space.

Surprising Support for Unknown Candidate
I don’t generally support third-party candidates, but this one might be worth a look.

Iowa’s Ethanol Plants Create 15 Percent of its Emissions
I’m sick of listening to all this debate about alternative energy and greenhouse gas creation. They’re separate issues, for the most part.

Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Fends Off Would-Be Robbers
C’mon guys, this was in Texas. Did they think he would be shooting back?

Chinese Boats Stalk George Washington
Chinese submarines are apparently exercising there more frequently, looking for Japanese, South Korean and American warships to play tag with.

Is China Moving Toward a Carrier?
They’ve got a lot of work to do.

Another Armor Alternative
Evolution Armor


  1. “Video of Police Pursuit in San Diego”

    The dude would make a good sniper.

    Looks like a clean “head-shot” with iron-sights, albeit from 3-inches.

  2. Toejam: “Looks like a clean “head-shot” with iron-sights”

    You are a bad bad person for saying that. And I’m a bad bad person for laughing out loud.

  3. The guys from the Evolution Armor claim the vest can easily deal with the sabot M993. If so, it already reached a “perfect” level of protection, since I doubt a soldier will be shot with something that has more penetration than a .30 bullet with tugsten sabot. Now its all about making it lighter with time.

  4. “You are a bad bad person for saying that. And I’m a bad bad person for laughing out loud.”

    Dear Murdoc,

    In this case 4-“BADS” make a “GOOD”!

    Have a good weekend.


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