New Stryker Model?

Army considers variants of Stryker, Abrams

Missed this while on the road last week:

Meanwhile, the Army has built a prototype of a new Stryker maintenance vehicle variant built with a trailer and crane to recover battle-damaged vehicles in combat, said U.S. Army Col. Christopher Lockhart, TRADOC Capabilities Manager, Stryker.

“It would recover destroyed Strykers, even catastrophically destroyed Strykers with all the tires blown off. It works in conjunction with a trailer. It will be a new variant if we chose to go that way,” said Lockhart.

In addition, the Army has outfitted several Stryker vehicles with an armor kit along the lower sides of the vehicles designed to stop deadly shaped charges such as explosively formed penetrates.

“The Stryker modernization program will allow you to put more weight on the system. There is a hull protection kit, an armor package, that is being put on selective Strykers right now. It is on the lower part of the side. EFPs impact around the tire area,” said Lockhart.

The Army plans also call for full funding of the NBC (nuclear, chemical, biological) reconnaissance Stryker variant.

“We want more of the NBC recon vehicles to replace Fox vehicles that are out there. We had to address all of the manned-ground vehicles [FCS] issues in our planning. Once we did that there was a little bit of RDT & E [research, development, test and evaluation] money for the entire Stryker family. From an engineering perspective we will continue to modernize the Stryker family. They will continue to be reset and be operationally capable because they are in the hands of soldiers being used,” said Thompson.

The maintenance variant might be nice, but I was hoping for a 25mm or 30mm gun version.

Also, don’t forget the 155mm howitzer prototype Stryker.


  1. There’s been a little work (on the armaments side, at least) in looking at putting the XM360 lightweight 120mm cannon on Stryker, as well … makes for a cheap MCS-equivalent with the killing power of an Abrams.

  2. Guess I’m not familiar with the XM360, what’s it do? Fire everything but the APFSDS round of the Abrams main gun?

  3. Considering the 105mm is too much for a Stryker. (yes, it may work, but the vehicle is over-gunned and under supplied.) Shoehorning a 120mm sounds like a pipe dream.

  4. XM360 is a significantly reworked M256 120mm cannon — basically, designed to shoot all of the same 120mm ammo as the M256 but do it with a lighter weight, lower recoil cannon design so that it can be put on lighter weight vehicles. It’s the cannon that is supposed to go on the FCS Mounted Combat System (MCS).

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