Wait a minute here…that’s not what I’ve heard

Hobbs Online AM: Bush Economy: Record Employment

There are 1.6 million more people working today than when GW took office? More? And the economy has been growing for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT?

Huh? That’s not what I’ve been hearing.

The reason for more people working AND higher employment is that there are more working-age Americans now than there were when Bush took office.

But doesn’t that mean that things aren’t so bad? Maybe not great, as I imagine that a lot of those 1.6 million jobs are low-paying jobs. (At least that’s what my liberal friends assure me is going on.) But certainly not godawful. The only quarters of negative growth during GW’s reign so far were his first three. And I’m sure that was completely due to his mishandling of the economy beginning on day one. Couldn’t have had anything to do with the crashing internet bubble or that other guy in the White House before him.

The comments on a Donald Sensing post sum up some of the debate over the numbers. Someone points out that Clinton added 22 million jobs during his tenure, 8 or 9 million of them during his first term. Yours truly points out

Clinton added all those jobs himself, right?

Once he got done fixing the completely wrecked economy he inherited from the Reagan/Bush administrations, anyway.

At least Bush II didn’t have fallout from a major terrorist attack like the bombing of the WTC parking garage during his first term.

I’m just saying.