Something Stinks in Fairfax

UPDATE 2: It appears that troops caught in this issue may have a chance to get their ballot counted if they email a form to Fairfax County by Tuesday, 28 Oct.

Military Ballots Tossed In Fairfax

The patchwork problem of federal and state election regulations strikes again.

Military ballots are being tossed in Fairfax Co, VA because of a “technicality.” Not a lot of them compared to the size of the electorate, but more than a few.

The registrar of voters in a Democrat. He thinks it “stinks,” but the law is the law.

I like how the original story makes sure to point out that it’s only a “small number,” a “handful of them, at most.”

I thought it was about counting every ballot.

Remember, the Republicans are trying to steal votes with electronic voting machines. Rumors of a single vote screwed up anywhere and it’s all over page one everywhere. But military ballots rejected is no big deal.

Whatever went wrong and whoever is at fault in Virginia, this is a shame. Some of our troops overseas aren’t going to get their vote counted because of some morons.

But don’t worry, says the Democratic registrar. It’s only a handful of them at most. And the press backs him up.

UPDATE: Lex had already posted on this.


  1. But…but…every vote counts, right? That’s why it’s so important to vote, because you can really make a difference.

    Isn’t that what we hear every four years, and most emphatically from the left? And now here’s a guy who’s saying “well…it doesn’t matter because it’s really only a few that won’t count”.


  2. What with Acorn getting caught multiple times, and more legitimate efforts to register the homeless, drug addicts, welfare professionals and other well informed citizens; it’s become more apparent elements of the left are only outraged and principled when they can point the finger at the right. When you do it……….you’re scum! When I do it, it’s only putting this country back on the right course (pun intended!).

    Speaking of Fairfax County, VA………I just spent two weeks in Herndon getting some training and orientation for a new job I’m starting. I was going into a grocery store one day when one of a number of very young female volunteers tried to register me to vote. I told her I was……… MI, and on election day, I wouldn’t be casting my ballot for any bums in either the Dems or Repubs! Man………….did I ever get a frowny face! 🙁

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