Department of Peace & Non-Violence

You’ve got to be kidding me.


  1. Obama continues to disgust me. Of course the main-stream media won’t bother reporting this. It would cause some to question the Obamessiah.

  2. @Victor: I know…Obama = Big Brother?

    *insert common anime-esque nervous sweatdrop here*

    Is it too late to apply for a four year student Visa in Japan >>;;

  3. Ah Murdoc he is kidding you, or at least he is confused. This resolution was proposed 5/07 by Kucinich. Don’t see my favorite fat gay right wing whipping boy anywhere on this or his commentary. Why would the mainstream media report on something that has nothing to do with Obama?

    You gotta love reading the list of proposals generated by our elected reps.

  4. Actually, I think Obama has a plan here. For instance, if Iran crosses the border into Iraq, we can draft the peaceniks and throw them into the teeth of the Iranian invasion rather than send in our yound men & women into one more conflict. I’m sure that flowers and pink banners would have a salutory effect on the Iranian war machine.

  5. You’re all thinking about this incorrectly (something I’ll be rectifying after I become Peoples Commissar for Correct Political Thought). This isn’t the End of America as We Know It; it’s an opportunity for peace loving Americans to engage in subtle satire masquerading as parody, to distract and deceive the reactionary right.

    WTH did I just say? 🙂

  6. >>;;

    I think I’ll start filing those student visa papers and what not. Wait and see what happens.

  7. I can’t find anything anywhere that says Obama actually supports this–except the Examiner editorial (not even a news story). Has anyone found any other source?

  8. Curious: Honestly, I’ll totally admit that I haven’t looked into it at all and don’t know how much, if at all, Obama himself backs this.

    I certainly *hope* it’s untrue. This guy has a great chance of winning and I am more than a little fearful of what’s going to go down if he does.

    If he sends someone to take my guns, I hope it’s the Peace & Non-Violence Department, though…

  9. Here’s the deal:

    This new massive Department is designed to placate the far-left, anarchists, Code Pink, etc who are supporting the Obama and Democrat ticket. If established, it will become a government agency dedicated to organizing and supporting every left-wing lunatic like all those you see in anti-war parades, and a great way to channel funds into their orgaisations, as well as the Democrat’s pockets.

    Can you imagine IVAW, ANSWER, Code Pink, etc, all getting seats at a government table with input on laws, legislation and budgetary items?

  10. Peace sucks. War is good. Sending our children to be killed to prove how powerful we are is good. Oil is worth all the deaths war brings us. We are God’s chosen so can do whatever we want. The military-industrial complex is our friend and savior.

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