Friday Linkzookery – Halloween 2008

Gunning for Victory
Second Amendment voter guide by Dave Kopel

Murtha’s in Trouble
Can you hear that sound? Neither can Murdoc. Even the crickets aren’t chirping on this one.

Ohio Cop Reprimanded for Making More Arrests than Tickets
Apparently, stopping crime hampered his revenue generation.

Ukrainian Bond girl is traitor to USSR, say Russian communists
As usual, the commies are missing the fact that the USSR is no more. For now.

Mountain lion scared off with gunfire
Arizona authorities agree that a hiker did everything correctly but it didn’t work, then used a gun to protect himself. Their response includes 13 safety tips, none of which mention carrying a weapon of any kid.

Land Warrior soldier-puter to get hoverbot vid hookup
Land Warrior just won’t die. Good.

House to House by David Bellavia

Does Embedding with the Taliban Make You a Traitor?
Is journalist Nir Rosen a traitor, for telling the Taliban’s story?

House to House by David Bellavia
Was talking about this great book about the taking of Fallujah the other day so I thought I’d point it out again.

Stop Loss Struggles On
The 2007 “Surge Force” that went to Iraq, and recently returned, is now headed to Afghanistan. Thus the continued use of Stop Loss.

Fish ‘should be rebranded as sea kittens’
PETA thinks people wouldn’t eat fish if we called them kittens. I’m confused. Do they think we don’t eat kittens?

GPS ‘spoofing’ could threaten national security
This is something that concerns me. Screwing with or disabling GPS somehow would really hurt the military. The effect on general society wouldn’t be nearly so catastrophic, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

As Gas Prices Go Down, Driving Goes Up
You’re kidding me. Who would have ever guessed?

The Hubble Space Telescope is back in business
NASA Delays Hubble Shuttle Mission to May 2009

Shovel Handle AK
I’ve heard of a Broom Handle Mauser but this is ridiculous.

LEGO Mini Figure Timeline
Actually quite cool.

Cyber-Rain could save Orange County homeowners over 25 billion gallons of water
There’s a house I run past every morning that is still watering its lawn every day despite the cold temps, cloudy days, and plentiful rainfall we’ve been experiencing. That sort of pisses me off.

Murdoc has a 52% chance of taking out a Velociraptor with a crow bar?
I’m not buying it, though I also think the raptors in the Jurassic Park movies are larger and more dangerous than they really were.

Iran busts ‘spy pigeons’ near nuclear site
“A black pigeon was caught bearing a blue-coated metal ring, with invisible strings.”


  1. I know. I was ignoring you. LOL.

    I guess just hoping the loud noise would scare it off.

    That guy did everything except appeal to the United Nations before shooing AT it. He’s to be commended.

    Instead, the article says to use makeshift weapons like rocks, sticks, caps, jackets, garden tools and bare hands.

  2. “House to House by David Bellavia”

    I read this Book recently, Murdoc.

    It certainly had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Lots of action and seemed technically very accurate.

    But, it is a work of fiction, co-authored by a real Iraqi vetern I believe.

    Correct me if I err.

  3. “Land Warrior just won’t die. Good.”

    If it were up to me, I would order a survey of the Land Warrior program, with the intention of identifying those aspects of it which are more than just pipe dreams, splitting them off, canceling the rest and increasing funding for the remaining projects if possible, in proportion to their likelihood of success and potential payoff.

    It just seems to me like the wrong way to approach a problem. I’d say it’s much better to build it piecemeal rather than as one massive boondoggle. I’m sure it’s great for the contractors though.

  4. The article about the bond girl is really funny, since we can see how falling ideologies that were once “enemies” merge together. She is called dessert of the “slavic word”, what implies a racial/ethnical background. But socialism at first should scrap all the racial bullshit, that was seen as a fascit thing.

  5. Murdoc may have a 52% change of taking out “a” Velociraptor with a Crow Bar, but they are pack hunters, and likely not dumb enough to square off Mano-E-Dino.

  6. Sam: Good point.

    IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, everyone: Don’t fight Velociraptors unless there’s no alternative.

  7. “Toejam: Are you thinking of the right book?”

    Yea Murdoc, that’s the one alright.

    I’m one of those lazy readers who skip the front cover blurb and the back cover. If i had read the prologue I might have been better able to make the connection that it was non-fiction.

    I just dig into chapter-1, page-1 and go for the ride.

    It just seemed so vivid, especially when he described in minute detail the hand to hand fight in the house with the terrorist. It was like every detail described so intensely I found it hard that it was indeed fact and not fiction.

    Hats off to David Bellavia, I got nothing but the highest respect for a guy who could endure the combat and write so emotionally and accurately about such a tramatic experience.

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