Special forces launch rare attack inside Syria

U.S. military helicopters launched an extremely rare attack Sunday on Syrian territory close to the border with Iraq, killing eight people in a strike the government in Damascus condemned as “serious aggression.”

I’d bet that it isn’t quite as rare as they make it out to be. At least I hope it’s not.

This one just made the papers.


  1. Straight of the YAHOO wire

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s government denounced on Tuesday a U.S. air strike on the Syrian border, but also called for a halt to what it said was insurgent activity in Syria.

    “The Iraqi government rejects U.S. aircraft bombarding posts inside Syria,” spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in the first official Iraqi criticism of the raid.

    Syria has said U.S. helicopters struck a border village on Sunday night, killing eight people. Washington has refused to confirm the raid, which Iraq said targeted staging grounds used by militants.

    Iraq “reiterates its demand to halt all activities of organizations that are using Syria as a staging ground to arm and train terrorists that are targeting Iraq,” Dabbagh said.


    It’s time to pull out NOW


    Leave a few dozen Weapons of mass destruction behind with their timers set for next month!

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