Political T-shirts still banned at MI polls

A federal judge upheld the ban on campaign T-shirts and buttons in Michigan polling locations or within 100 feet of an entrance. I happen to agree with this policy.

How about other states? Are similar laws common elsewhere? What do you guys think of this sort of restriction?

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that the use of cameras is also banned:

Voters are being urged by the Video Your Vote project to take photos at polling places, but that’s not allowed in Michigan.

Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land reminded voters Wednesday that those who try to do so risk having their ballots taken away and their votes declared invalid.

I’m not quite so sure about this one.


  1. Wouldn’t want to politically posion, offend or indoctrinate anyone?

    REad an article in the Detroit News a few days ago, about how some lady official from the Michigan Education Assoc. (a known hotbed of consservatism) had started a program to more deeply involve kids in familiarixing them in our political process.

    My Granddaughter, who’s 13, came home from school yesterday. Telling about how they’d just had a presidential election at school and how wonderful it was that BO had been elected. She then went on to extoll the virtues we’ll all enjoy under his benificent socialist paradise (my words not hers). My Daughter favors JM and I’ve stated (when asked by the kids) I’m voting for Barr/Libertarians. so who is the kid being indoctrinated by if it’s not by her family?

  2. We homeschool. Not just because of this sort of thing, but this sort of thing is one of many reasons.

    I realize that homeschooling isn’t right for everyone, but I’m sure glad it’s right for us.

  3. Despite my protestations, the teachers at our public schools continue to wear Obama buttons and other such items while working.

    The superintendant ruled it is a 1st Amendment right…

    Anyone surprised?

  4. “Despite my protestations, the teachers at our public schools continue to wear Obama buttons and other such items while working.
    The superintendant ruled it is a 1st Amendment right…
    Anyone surprised?”

    Unfortunately, NO. I wonder how far a M/P button would go? Send your kid to school with a pro anyone-other-than Obama shirt or button. See if you have to bring them a new shirt.

  5. I think you give the schools (teachers) too much credit for influencing a child’s beliefs. Peers have a far greater influence on what students express at school than do the teachers.

  6. James,

    That’s not the point I was hoping would get across. The student is in a bad position versus the teacher, because he or she (student) might well be intimidated by the teacher’s political attitude and thus be afraid to disagree or debate the issue for fear of reprisal.

    That exact situation happened with my oldest daughter. At 18, she was elected to be a county representative to the state Republican convention. Every single one of her teachers were wearing some sort of button or ribbon for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. She refused to say anything about her status for fear of reprisal through poor grades. My daughter had kept an excellent record and was inline for a large scholarship. She simply didn’t want to jeopardize her chances by talking about her going to the convention, even though it was killing her to keep it quiet.

    In the end, her name was revealed in an article in the local paper, and two of her teachers made very pronounced efforts to call her out in class in front of other students to ridicule her for supporting a Republican ticket. We had to resort to the threat of legal action (going through the school board, superintendant, and principle) to ensure that someone kept an eye on her grades, and that the teachers responsible were set straight on their behaviours.

    These sorts of things are even more pronounced this year. My youngest daughter got a talk in her 5th grade class about how important it is to make certain that Obama gets elected because it’s time we had a black president, and because we treat bl;acks so bad in this country. This was from the local democratic leader. The school apparently couldn’t find the time to schedule a Republican spokesman to present that side of the issue.

    Starting next year, the youngest gets home-schooled.

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