NOT WITH A BANG, BUT A WHIMPER 08:14 21 Mar 2003

Maybe they fact that the big bang “shock and awe” (aren’t you tired of hearing that?) campaign hasn’t really been kicked off indicates that the “target of opportunity” fired at Wednesday night (our time) was hit or at least taken out of the picture. Could have been the big ‘S’ himself, of course, or his sons. Or maybe all of them. Plus other key individuals.

This is all pure speculation, of course, but maybe we acheived a great deal of “regime change” in the first sixty seconds of the war. Maybe that has removed the need to level large portions of the landscape.

Or maybe we’ve all been intentionally duped by a misinformation campaign, like when the media was ushered in to broadcast video of the Marines practicing beach landings weeks before the 1991 war. That covereage helped guarantee Saddam kept several divisions along the Kuwaiti and Iraqi coastline to defend against the landings. But the landings never occurred. Those Iraqi divisions were out of the war without us having to fire a shot.

This is a new kind of war.

Update 13:20 21 Mar 2003

Or maybe they really meant it.