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What if Steve Forbes Had Won the Election?

I voted for Forbes in the 2000 Michigan primaries. I would have voted for him over Gore if he had somehow won the nomination. And I’ve sometimes asked myself this same question:

What if Steve Forbes had won the primary and general elections in 2000? How would the world differ from the world we live in now?

Steve Forbes would not have negotiated away the supply side tax cuts in 2001. He would not have let the Democrats insist that only tax cuts for the poor and middle class be implanted immediately. He would not have agreed to defer the tax cuts of the entrepreneurial and investor class into the indefinite future. He would have (and did) recognize that we had already entered a recession before he entered the White House and would have used that fact to push the tax cuts through. The Forbes Boom would have started in 2001, not 2003. Two years of stagnation and jobs loss could have been avoided.

Here is a list of terms I quickly searched the article for using the ‘find’ function on my browser:

  • 9/11
  • september
  • attack
  • terrorist
  • afghanistan
  • iraq

None of them appeared in the article. I had to type in a word I could see just to make sure the ‘find’ function was working.

No conversation about this topic really has any point if the biggest issue he would have faced isn’t made the biggest issue of discussion. (via Instapundit)


  1. If only… I was a big Forbes fan. One of the things I like about Palin is that she was a Forbes supporter.

    If only Peter DuPont had won in 1988 – he wouldn’t have raised taxes and been beaten by Clinton…

    I saw DuPont absolutely destroy Bush Sr. in a debate in ’88.

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