Don’t Deal

Suicide attack in South Waziristan threatens government’s truce with Taliban

A suicide bomber struck at Pakistani paramilitary troops in the Taliban-controlled South Waziristan tribal agency on Sunday. The attack threatens a recent truce signed between a local Taliban commander and the military.

It’s really hard to believe that a truce with terrorists could go sour.


  1. So it’s not just me? The entire idea of signing a truce with local Tribal Elders to back off their turf, “and they’ll police it themselves” would be absolutely hysterical, if it didn’t have such lethal potentials (and has!) for Coalition Forces inside the Stan.

    When I was in the Stan, the company deliberately did not employ Paki’s as there was no sure way to tell their loyalties, too many Afghanis did not like them, and Indians (whom we did employ in significant numbers) were much less likely to be an inherent security risk, or vulnerable to subversion by local insurgents.

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