The lines were a bit long, but not too bad.

I think this is the first time I’ve voted in the morning rather than after work, though, so I can’t really compare it to previous turnouts.

Checked my ID. Paper and pen ballot. Optical scan tabulator.

The way things ought to be.


  1. “Checked my ID.”

    Limiting voting to only people that are eligible? Sounds a lot like severe voter intimidation to me. Expect the ACLU to be crawling all over that polling place by noon.

  2. I wish they checked ID’s here in Maine. They just ask for your name, and if it’s in the book, they check it off and hand you a set of ballots.

    We’ve tried for years to require ID’s at the polling station, but the Democrats keep coming up with reasons to block it. The latest is that it will disenfranchise folks too poor to have a state ID. TOO POOR? It costs $5 frikkin dollars for a state ID. I volunteer at a local soup kitchen, and it amazes me that some of the clients still manage to find money for cigarettes and beer, but can’t come up with 5 bucks for a state ID?

    We need a NATIONAL ID card, with a thumb print a photo and an RFD chip.

  3. You don’t want an RFID chip in there. Too easy to hack. A better solution would be one of those printed grids like you see on UPS boxes that encodes digital information in an easily scannable form.

  4. yeah…. sounds good to me. Just something that makes it hard to counterfeit (I know that nothing is perfect), and that could act as a security code to access the voter registration database, etc.

    More than anything else, we need to preserve and protect the sanctity of the ballot. There is simply too much room for perfidy and onerous behaviour as it currently stands.

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