Calling Vermont with no precincts reported

I’m removing the widget. They called Kentucky for McCain with 10% in. Then I noticed this:



This stuff is just retarded.

UPDATE: Then there’s this:



McCain wins by trailing 57-42 with no precincts in?

Now, I sure hope they’re right. And I know that they’re using all sorts of exit polling and trends and expert opinion and such to make their calls. But with how absolutely awful exit polling has proven itself to be over and over again, why not wait a few minutes and make your calls when more real numbers are available?


Ron Jones, Philadelphia Voter: “I decided to come back and vote a couple times.
Brian Todd, CNN Reporter: “I think that’s against the law. But it’s okay.

But it’s okay.


  1. I was gonna say something nasty about the electoral collage, in fairness to the others in this forum who favor it……….I have to admit; McCain would’ve lost anyway on the popular vote.

    No surprise in the end, between Bush and is misbegotten war in Iraq, and the Repubs near complete abdication of their principals in their medical prgram behemoth, and their part in the financial meltdown…………could any Republican candidate have won?

    I was just yakking with a British friend earlier today…….told me to hold on to our @$$3$ if Obama were to win. We’d be enjoying the same socialist paradise as the U.K. And that from a near life long Labor Party supporter!

  2. I fear for the armed forces. That’s all. I don’t like the idea of a naive junior senator from Illinois as our Commander in Chief.

  3. Good Experienced Military Advisors are a bit more important than that. Which begs that question. One does not a Sec.Def. misreports the non-presence of WMDs etc.

  4. It’s 0725 Zulu


    Obama has won, big time.

    McCain has conceded.

    The Europeans are gloating, celebrating and just plain esthatic.

    From a few of the Euroweenie’s e-mails I’ve received the mood is akin to a kid, who wants a toy just like the one his friend has, but his parents can’t afford to buy it for him.

    So when his friend’s toy breaks he revels in the fact that his friend is as devoid of pleasure as him.

    In other words if the Europeans have to suffer under the weight of Socialism they want the Americans to join them in the same misery.

  5. Damn! I was looking at the numbers at about 2330 EST when I made my first post. McCain/Palin were soundly trounced, though it wasn’t the landslide I feared; looking at the numbers again this AM. Obama certainly is the darling of the welfare constituency though.

    I’m just flabbergasted; the only thing Obama really has going for him is he’s likeable, and a good speaker. You couldn’t buy less actual governing or executive experience, and voting for someone with his record isn’t any different than voting for some right wing demagogue like Jesse Helms or such.

    As ticked off with Bush and the Republicans as I am; I can certainly relate to the overwhelming desire to “change lanes”, but, why run the car off the road into a 25ft deep ravine on the left to do it?

  6. “I can certainly relate to the overwhelming desire to “change lanes”, but, why run the car off the road into a 25ft deep ravine on the left to do it?”


    Just like the one lady said on the YouTube video: Obama become president I don’t have to pay my mortgage or the gas in my car!

    Ignorance + Greed + addictiction to “instant gratification” = Barack-Slicker Than -Willie Obama.

    I hope this dude’s smart enough to keep it in his pants and away from White House interns. Michelle O. looks like she could do the Lorena Bobbitt routine without blinking an eye!

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