Turks adopt the HK416

They’ll call their piston-driven version of the M4 carbine the Mehmet├žik-1. More at Strategy Page.


  1. There are more users than just Turkey – from HKPro.com

    From what I’ve gathered so far:

    US Army 1st SFG Detachment Delta – HK416
    US Army 1st SFG Detachment Alpha – HK416
    US Navy Seal Development Group; DEVGRU – HK416
    Netherlands Army Korps Commandotroepen Unit – HK416 and HK417
    Indonesian Marine Corps Counter Terrorist Unit, Detasemen Jala Mengkara – HK416
    Norwegian Army – HK416 and HK417
    Turkish Army – HK416
    Italian Navy SF – HK416
    Polish GROM – HK416
    Malaysian VAT69 – HK416
    Albanian B.O.S. – HK416 and HK417

    Law Enforcement:
    US Capitol Police CERT Team – HK416
    US Transportation Security Administration – HK416
    US Department of Energy SRT Unit, Idaho Falls Facility – HK416
    US Marshals – HK416
    Maine State Police SWAT Team – HK416
    Nashville City, Tennessee PD SWAT Team – HK416
    NASA SWAT Team; Kennedy Space Center – HK416
    Fairfax County, Virginia PD SWAT Team – HK416
    Trussville, Alabama PD – HK416
    Thurston County, Washington PD – HK416
    Lake Wales, Florida PD SWAT Team – HK416 and HK417
    Lexington County, South Carolina Sheriff’s Dept. SWAT Team – HK416

    Posted date: 08-06-2007: USMC solicitation for two HK416 carbines and two HK417 rifles (for testing I assume).

    Posted date: 03-20-2006: US TSA solicitation for sole source contract to HK for HK416 carbines.

    Posted date: 11-23-2007: The US Secret Service recently put out a solicitation for gas piston operated, 5.56mm carbines. HK is one of the listed vendors submitting carbines.

    Link to photo of US SF Group Det Alpha with HK416. http://militaryphotos.net/forums/sho…9&postcount=36


  2. Indonesian, polish and dutch speacial forces have adopted the HK416. Norway was the 1st country to adopt as their standard AR.
    I guess everybody likes the idea of “M16 finesse with AK reliability”. And also because it had the input of Delta Force, what serves as “best of the best” seal of approval.

  3. Good for the Turks. Note that the Strategy Page article gets a lot of facts wrong:

    1. The US Army never rejected the HK416 — it’s never been formally considered by the US Army. It was developed by Delta using black funds, and those projects don’t just get “thrown over the fence” to the big Army. The Army has to have a requirement for a new rifle, and it hasn’t, and doesn’t (yet).

    2. There isn’t any XM8 technology (though what “XM8 technology” is is another question, since that rifle is a re-skinned G36) in the 416. They do share a manufacturer and some design features, but the technology predates both the XM8 and 416.

    3. HK416 predates the cancellation of XM8 … it isn’t the child of that cancellation as para 2 implies (just because it wasn’t widely known to the public doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist …).

    4. Op-rod benefit over gas-impingement has yet to be conclusively proven in side-by-side testing. I’m aware of one side-by-side test in which M4 uppers outperfomed 416 uppers, for example. Some data that indicate that in the long-term the gas impingement is better due to less wear and fewer moving parts … but the anecdotal evidence certainly appears to favor op-rods.

    5. Paragraph 4 is correct; paragraph 2 is wrong. Though I’d argue that the Army has listened to the troops regarding its rifles — the troops said they wanted M4s, so M16s are being replaced with more M4 production and XM8 got canned.

  4. By the “fewer moving parts” theory, it can be said that the M16 is way more reliable than the AK family…what is not true,as we know.

  5. Asking the troops if they like the M4 is tricky and deceiving. Any automatic weapon is naturally impressive. The question that should be done is “Even though you gun works fine, would you like a more reliable one that deals better with sand and takes less time to clean while keeping the same ergonomics you are used to?”

    Now I doubt that the majority of the troops wouldnt answer “hell yes!”

  6. I never understood the difference between an HK416 and the AR-18. Both are basically M16’s with pistons.

  7. Same here, Bram.

    Ok, so I did the very original thing of checking the world.guns.ru description of the G36, from where the HK416 derivates.

    According to the guy there:


    “…there also are many differences from the AR-18. The bolt carrier rides on a single guide rod, with the return spring around it. The charging handle is attached to the top of the bolt carrier and can be rotated to the left or to the right. When not in use, the charging handle aligns itself with the axis of the weapon under the pressure of its own spring, and reciprocates with the bolt group at the top of the receiver. The gas block is fitted with the self-adjustable gas valve that expels all the used gases forward, away from the shooter. The ejection window is located at the right side of the receiver and features a spent cases deflector to propel the ejected cases away from the face of the left-handed shooter.”

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