$$$ 21:22 19 Mar 2003

On FoxNews, Hannity & Colmes are talking about the cost of the war. Again. I think this is a non-issue. Of course the cost must be paid. But this war is either right or it is wrong. I believe that it’s right, but that’s beside the point. And easy for me to say sitting here watching satellite TV one hour after the big deadline. Cost can be measured in many ways.

When the military’s budget balooned under Reagan, many cried about the cost. Then the Soviet Empire collapsed without a shot being fired. Now, many look back and point out that many of the weapons bought with all that money were never even used. Excuse me, but isn’t that the BEST POSSIBLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT? We had a higher limit on our Visa card than the Soviets did on theirs, and we won the Third World War because of it.

If this war is ‘right’, the cost in dollars should not matter. Never mind that a free Iraq offers many possibilities of economic return. If the war is ‘wrong’, would it be less ‘wrong’ if it was less expensive? Would a ‘wrong’ war become a ‘right’ war at the right price?