Friday Linkzookery – 07 Nov 2008

Obama Following Teacher Practices Indoctrination, Intimidation and Ridicule in the Classroom
Some are wondering why this teacher would act this way when she knew the cameras were rolling. The answer is: She didn’t think it was wrong. In fact, she probably thought she was doing good.

Obama’s Russia Test
The missile thing wasn’t a ‘test.’ It was a trial balloon. The test is yet to come.

Much-hyped Turnout Record Fails to Materialize (PDF)
1% increase, at most.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: November 2008 update
It’s almost like there was a plan for this, or something.

On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up
One part of the economy is humming along.

Demilitarized Boats For Sale, Cheap
Murdoc would like to buy one of these Whiskeys and run it in Lake Michigan. Because, come on, who doesn’t want a submarine?

US Predators strike al Qaeda camp in North Waziristan
If Pakistan doesn’t like US airstrikes in its territory, it should do something about the bad guys in its territory.

Sharing the Indians’ Lunch
I started watching this lecture on lessons learned at Red Flag about the Su-30MKI, but it was pulled. Defense Tech has it, though.

Finland Snubs Cluster Bomb Treaty
Countries that have signed up to the CCM include Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The treaty is scheduled to be signed in Oslo on Dec. 3.

Boeing Rolls Out First F-15SG to Singapore
While the Pentagon and Congress mull the end of F-22 production, F-15 production rolls on.

Iraq announces plan to expand the Air Force
They’re going to have a lot of F-16s.

North Korea photoshops stroke from Kim Jong Il
The Norkers wouldn’t lie, would they?

How to Make the Navy Bigger, Sooner, Cheaper
Hint: The proposal doesn’t include the DD(X).

Little To Show for Huge Defense Budgets
America’s defense budget is now larger in inflation-adjusted dollars than at any point since the end of World War II. However, our Army has fewer combat divisions than at any point in that period, our Navy has fewer combat ships and the Air Force has fewer combat aircraft.

Not 1976
I’m about sick of this comparison. Anyone who thinks Ronald Reagan is waiting in the wings had better look around.

Pollsters Get Points for Accuracy This Cycle
That’s what I’ve been thinking.

Stretching: The Truth
Light jogging is the best warm-up, in my experience. No stretching at all.


  1. “Not 1976
    I’m about sick of this comparison. Anyone who thinks Ronald Reagan is waiting in the wings had better look around.”

    Bah. No one thought Reagan was all that great in 1976. No one thought Gingrich was all that great in 1992. We could easily be sitting on a great conservative right now and not know it.

  2. Kevin: You are mistaken about Reagan.

    You are not mistaken that we could easily be sitting on a great conservative right now and not know it. In fact, I’m SURE you are right? Why am I so sure?

    Because I have no doubt that there are at least a few great conservatives around. I also have no doubt that we don’t know it.

    We had better find them.

  3. McCain WAS that Reagan v2.0!

    If the republican party hadn’t gone stupid in da head these past eight years, I would have voted for im.

    Now I am worried the vast Democrat Party will go stupid in the head for the next 8 years now that they are largely in control.

    Complete unchecked Power has a way of making good people stupid.

  4. I’m hoping Bobby Jindal is the next great Conservative leader – we’ll see. We need to slay some Rinos first.

  5. “If Pakistan doesn’t like US airstrikes in its territory, it should do something about the bad guys in its territory”.

    It can’t do anything about either lot of bad guys. Isn’t this blaming the victim?

  6. Sam, in case you weren’t paying attention:

    REAGAN: ended fairness doctrine, allowing free speech on the airwaves for the forst time since the FCC was created.

    MCCAIN: McCain-Feingold, which is the worst assault on the First Amendment ever seen. (“Political speech isn’t covered by the First Amendment, and may be regulated…”)

    List goes on ad nauseum. McCain was Reagan 2.0 like a Trabant was a Improved Porsche.

    Murdoc, you’ve already seen the Next Reagan. She wears a skirt.

  7. DaveP: Palin might be the Next Reagan. Honestly, I doubt it. But it’s entirely possible.

    One thing’s for sure: She obviously scares Democrats and the media totally shitless.

  8. P.M. Lawrence: Equivalency stupidity aside, the Pakis are not only not doing anything about the bad guys, they’re encouraging them.

    If you harbor, help, assist, feed, clothe, fund, and sleep with the terrorists, you’re eventually going to get bombed.

    That’s the cue to whine about how unfair things are. And, obviously, some people will buy it.

  9. Murdoc, my brother, not even Reagan was Reagan. We remember our image of him as a unifier and as a wise man of the conservative movement, but he made a number of avoidable mistakes that we are still paying for today. Palin has what Reagan had: an authentic Americanness, the ability to talk past the media chattering-class to the real Americans out there in flyover country; integrity even when it has a price tag. I hope we see much more of her…

  10. Sigh.

    Murdoc, that entire area is not controllable except in a very limited way by a combination of carrot and stick, as the British discovered, which is why we combined punitive expeditions (to give hostiles a choice of continuing raiding or rebuilding before winter) and subventions, hopefully going more to my enemy’s enemy than my enemy – which was which was always a moveable feast. The Durand Line was drawn where it was to help split up the groups, deliberately.

    The Pakistani government – this or any – has no other cards in its hand. Blaming Pakistanis in general, let alone the government, IS blaming the victim. There is no “harbouring”, the people concerned were there all along and nobody ever managed to winkle them out – there’s been no lack of will.

    As for “equivalency stupidity”, you made that up. There are bad guys in the hills doing one sort of bad stuff – and US forces are doing a different sort. Their rights go as far as things like hot pursuit, but this isn’t that. This is the same as though US forces had invaded and/or supported invading Iraq through Turkey even though the Turks had said no. Morally, diplomatically, strategically and tactically, “it was worse than a crime, it was a mistake”.

  11. Dave makes fair points about McCain. But I don’t think Palin compares well with Reagan. Death Valley Days > Beauty Contests

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