GONE SOUTH 20:59 19 Mar 2003

From a George F. Will column on Washingtonpost.com:

Monday, a few hours before the president spoke, Daschle said the president had “failed so miserably at diplomacy that we’re now forced to war.” Well.

Presumably Daschle meant that Bush has failed to secure the support of the French and a majority of other Security Council members for enforcing the plain meaning of Resolution 1441, which the French co-authored and which the Security Council unanimously adopted. But had the president succeeded, the result would have been the “serious consequences” that 1441 calls for: war. The French and everyone else, including Daschle — the regime-change-endorsing, use-of-force-authorizing Daschle — understood that.

So Daschle’s position is: America is “forced to war” because presidential diplomacy failed to produce a broader coalition for war. With that descent into absurdity, Daschle would have forfeited his reputation for seriousness, if he had one.

He doesn’t. What a moron.