BAD MOON (v2) 19:15 19 Mar 2003

Well, if we aren’t going into Iraq tonight I’ll be shocked. I pray this works.

I’ve gone on and on about why we should be going in with little or no moon, but all indications are that H-Hour is at hand. 8:00 ET tonight is 4:00 tomorrow morning in Iraq. According to Moon Calendar, moonset is at about 5:31 AM and sunrise is at about 4:16 AM. (Can that be right? It says sunset is at about 4:22 PM. I entered 33N 048W. I need to check that.)

Our night-fighting capability allows us to kill the enemy before they even know we’re there, but that doesn’t give them much of a chance to surrender, does it? Maybe the plan is counting on virtually total surrender by the Iraqi military. 17 smart Iraqis already have. But that’s an incredible gamble.

If they can clearly see our troops advancing, either by day or in the bright desert moon, all but the most fanatic Iraqi will have to have a moment of doubt. And if Joe Iraqi sees the 3rd Infantry Division closing in, and he can see some of his friends getting blown to pieces before they can fire a shot and the rest of his friends raising white flags, maybe that will do the trick and he’ll make a good decision.

Still, it makes me wonder if we should get red coats and drummer boys for the 3rd ID.