Friday Linkzookery – 14 Nov 2008

Iran Test Fires New Medium-Range Missile
Reportedly a new 2-stage missile called the Sejil.

‘Extra UK troops’ for Afghanistan
Up to 2,000 extra British troops are likely to be sent to Afghanistan next year, the BBC has learned.
but then
Government denies 2,000 extra soldiers will be sent to Afghanistan
The Government has quashed reports that it is sending more troops to Afghanistan

Worldwide temperatures spiked in October–if you use some of September’s readings
Odd that the error wasn’t immediately noticed by the researchers and publishers. Or maybe not. After all, it fit the narrative.

Screwtape Loves Guns
My dear Wormwood: Guns are the work of the Devil.

Russian navy: Poison kills 20 in sub accident
They claim someone inadvertently activated the halon fire suppression system. Of course, there’s no way there would ever be a fire aboard a Rooskie sub.

New Lease on Life for the Beloved M-14
Who doesn’t love the M-14?

Gay rights group claims responsibility for church protest
If an anti-gay group interrupted a LGBT service and acted out, every one in America would know about it in ten minutes. When it’s the other way around? Not so much. Why no media?

Dilbert 2.0

Early exposure to peanuts may prevent allergy
Contrary to widespread recommendations.

Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert by Scott Adams
Murdoc has always been a big Dilbert fan. Includes a disc with every strip to date that can be updated as new cartoons are released.

150th Carnival of Homeschooling
Round-up of homeschooling and educational links.’s .22 AR’s annual Special Edition Black Rifle.

Recycling Myths: PM Debunks 5 Half Truths about Recycling
I wish it didn’t cost so much to get our waste taken to the recyclers here. But it does and we don’t do it for that reason.

Kalashnikitty Clothing
Oh, how cute. Plus never needs cleaning.


  1. First a reminder that terrorism can still happen anywhere to anyone:
    That was in my county.

    Second, Andrew Bolt is very bad source of climatology and is in love with hating Jim Hansen. news. These sorts of little discoveries and corrections are fairly frequent.
    Don’t let his molehills become mountains in your minds.

    Third, Recycling IS overated, while reducing and reusing are underated.

  2. “Who doesn’t love the M-14?”

    You’re correct Murdoc. Anyone I know who was issued a “14” loved the thing to death. In my unit it replaced the old M-1 as the standard rifle. Wow, I think about it now. Reporting to the Battalion armorer and being handed a brandy new, cosmoline coated (inside and out) M-14.

    Then reality hit. Our company was given about 1-hour before rifle inspection. Nothing but ass-holes and elbows for the next 60-minutes.

    However when we got to the range to zero in it was a real pleasure to snap-in and fire live rounds. Heavy kick, like the M-1, but somehow much more comfortable to shoulder.

    And, the sucker had one beautiful bayonet lug!

    I want one for Christmas……Hear that darling?

  3. The peanut allergy thing… I thought that was the reason for a lot of allergies in the first place – the denial of contact with the substance at an early age.

    Allergies have only come of age when we had cleanliness! Those initially investigating allergies during the 1900’s termed it the illness of the rich (or something along those lines).

    I don’t have kids yet – but I’ll definitely be introducing any kids I have to the soil in the back garden and in this case… peanuts!

    There is nothing wrong with getting ill! It is only bad if you catch a few of the really bad diseases (and they tend to be the sexually transmitted ones that one is at risk of catching)! Otherwise it is just the circle of life! I strongly dislike public opinion on having to wipe EVERYTHING with anti-bacterial wipes!

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