LET SLIP THE FOGS OF WAR 17:18 19 Mar 2003

Iraqi helicopters have fired on some villages in northern Iraq. Haven’t seen how much damage. This sort of thing is going to be blamed on us.

Tariq Aziz has been killed trying to defect. Wait. No, he’s got away. Wait again. No, he’s on TV. And wearing a sidearm to repel American “mercenaries.” ???

A terrible sand storm. For a while, anyway. But not the thunder blizzard in Denver, CO that has apparently postponed the Avalanche-Sharks ice hockey game. Sand storms are part of desert warfare.

Allied planes have attacked Iraqi artillery in the southern no-fly zone that could have fired chemical shells. But most artillery could fire chemical shells, right? Just another day in the no-fly zone.

Some reports say the Iraqis fired on coalition aircraft, including RAF Harriers. Planes from the Lincoln attacked several targets. Not sure if this is the same incident as above.

British SBS and US Marines engaged in “fierce fighting” near Basra. Already? And who the hell would want to fight SBS and Marines at the same time?

Maybe we could get that tobacco farmer to park his tractor in downtown Baghdad.