Southpaw AK

Not a “true” lefty, as the cases still eject to the right. But I’ve not seen one of these before.


  1. I remember when I shot an AK in a Gun Shop in Las Vegas. Im lefty, it was quite fun to see the cases almost hitting my face.

    So yeah, my first gun experiencie was with an assault rifle, I couldnt resist. After the AK, I triend a thompson .45. That was quite fun to shot! The recoil of the .45 felt…cuzzy.

  2. if you’ve heard of the AEK-971, the new standard soviet, oh my bad, russian infantry rifle,it solves accuracy and stabality issues with its balanced action with rotating bolt barrel locking.The Balancing means that the AEK971 gas drive has two gas chambers and two gas pistons.The First gas piston is linked via a gas rod to the bolt carrier and moves as usual. Second gas piston is linked to the balancing steel weight and moves in opposite (to main gas piston) direction. This design is implemented to eliminate 3 of 4 total impulses of the movement that affects the rifle during the full-auto fire. basically this weapon revision of the K is around 20% more accurate full auto than the 74, although not as accurate as the AN 94, it has the K’s known battle tolerances and high reliabality, basically kicking the 94’s ass, this revision of the K is probably the only one in the family that would be practical for optics, as the AN 94 is just a russian modern rifle that looks like a K

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