Not cooling down in Pakistan

Taliban hijack NATO convoy in Pakistan

Captured Humvee

Captured Humvee

At least 13 container trucks of NATO supplies were jacked in the Khyber Pass region by about 60 Pashtun Taliban. A US Humvee was also captured and later paraded for cameras. Around 70% of the supplies for US and NATO in Afghanistan come through this region.

Pakistani truckers say the government is powerless to stop the attacks. “The government is a silent spectator,” the owner of a trucking company that transports supplies through Khyber told Reuters. “[The Taliban] attack our trucks, loot them and kill our drivers in broad daylight, even near security checkposts, but [the military] can’t do anything.”

Today’s hijacking occurred one day after the US military killed eight Taliban fighters during hot pursuit from Afghanistan into Khyber. A Khyber-based extremist group called the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice said its forces battled the Afghan military before retreating into Pakistan.

Read more about the previous day’s incident here.


  1. Not surprised. I wonder how much is ineffectiveness and how much (if any) might be restraint from above by senior elements in Paki Army and/or security/intelligence forces. The Pakis have never had their house in order (meaning a truly unified nation rather than a collection of anarchic tribal entities), and it’s not only haunting them but hurting us (not that our poilcy towards them hasn’t been haphazard and schizoid enough).

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