Obama wishy-washy on missile defense in Poland

Polish President Lech Kaczynski says Obama assured him the plans for US ballistic missile defense in Poland were on track. Obama refuses to say he’s committed to it. Is that a problem?

Environmental Republican:

So here we are with Obama telling a world leader one thing and the public another, very much like his statements on NAFTA during the election where he slammed the treaty on the campaign trail while simultaneously winking at the Canucks and saying it was just for the consumption of the gullible American electorate.

But this is not Canada, this is Russia, the former Soviet Union, the Bear who was our enemy for decades and who will be again soon.

As Environmental Republican says, this was a tough deal for Kaczynski to get through. Poland sure has stepped up to the plate for us over and over again. We haven’t always done everything we could or should in return.


  1. From my experience dealing with them I’ve found the majority of Poles pro-American and fierce fighters.

    They drink their Vodka from a water glass and smoke like chimneys. But their hearts and minds are in the right place.

    Obama’s going to ruin the good relationship which Dubya built simply because he believes that talking to the Iranians will solve their Islamic fuelled hatred of the United states.

    It’s gonna get ugly!

  2. Come on, the Democrats would never betray an ally when the going gets tough!

    I think I’m going to be nothing but a sarcastic prick for the next 4 years.

  3. I hope he scraps it. It’s a waste of billions needed else where. I know everyone could think of a lot of other things in the military and else where that are in desperate need of funds.

  4. Eric, When you say “it” do you mean Poland or the missiles? I hope we keep both. The Army Divisions sitting in Germany should be moved into bases in Poland and other Eastern European countries.

  5. “It’s gonna get ugly!”

    Sadly I’d like to say otherwise, but I’m getting a bit more scared every day, that it just might get more ugly than any of us can imagine.

    I think Obama will play the “safe” card every time. “No-risk”, is probably going to be more accurate than “change”.

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