Now the Rooskies won’t need to storm Iceland

Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising

In Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising, a key plotline was the taking of Iceland by the Soviets and the effort to re-open the GIUK Gap by NATO forces, including some US personnel that escaped the Soviet attack. Thanks to a “force reduction” in 2006, US forces pulled out and now the Russians might be moving in. Unfortunately, Murdoc’s Icelandic is a bit rusty, so we’ll have to rely on Alert 5:

Iceland offers strategic airbase to Russia

Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson shocked foreign diplomats at a lunch in Reykjavik on Nov. 7 when he offered the former Naval Air Station Keflavik to Russia.

Grimsson said that his country needs “new friends” and that Russia should be invited to use the former NATO airbase.

If this goes through, it will be disastrous for us. I expect that we’ll be making a counter-offer shortly. Which might be the whole point of offering it to the Russians.


  1. a few weeks ago ,Russia offered a butt load of $$ to help the beleaguered Icelandic economy.
    My first thought was, the wanted the Airfield.

  2. I can’t believe we left such a strategic asset. We should have put an F22 squadron there — it would give them something to do.

  3. Man, I remember flying out of Kef. It was miles and miles of miles and miles, with a runway in the middle. There was always a crosswind, and the takeoffs could be quite exhilarating as the aircraft turned into the wind after rotating and before the wheels and flaps came up.

  4. So I thought the wife and I were sitting down to watch Red Storm Rising recorded on Tivo tonight.

    Ooops, it was actually Red Dawn.

    A good story none the less, though.

  5. Maybe the b52 that dropped the nuke in the middle of the bay next to the airport was actually a long-term plan.

    Probably about now the material casing the bomb will start to develop holes.

    About time we left and let the Russians deal with the radiation – plus we can blame it on them, lol.

    Seriously though, it is stupid that we left that base.

    I don’t know how anyone could let Russians onto their soil! Historically it’s never been a good idea! I’m sorry, but due to family ties to Latvia… I have a strong distaste for the Russian/Soviet mentality and people.

    Currently I’m also reading a book called “White Death” – a very good book on the invasion of Finland by Soviet Russia.

    I think it still stands as true to this day. I think, if any country has enough supplies stored up, they can defeat the Russian military. The problem with Georgia was that there was a lack of support internationally. The same happened to Finland.

    It’s not like the Russians or Chinese for that matter have ever won any conflict that wasn’t due to the sheer masses of people they have thrown into battle.

  6. C’mon you guys…….quit all the nervous carping! These aren’t the bad old Russians (godless commies). These are the good NEW Russians (committed democrats…….oops! Not our kind of Democrats……….well…….maybe they are??)! 🙂

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