Korea’s XM29

The K11:

Im chung-bin the the chief of staff of ROKA examines new South korean double barreled rifle K-11 in ground weapon conference.2008.11.11 Daejeun South korea This rifle uses 20mm airburst ammunition and 5.56mm NATO. 20mm launcher operates as bolt action and use 5 round mag. This weapon will be fielded in next year.

Im chung-bin the the chief of staff of ROKA examines new South korean double barreled rifle K-11 in ground weapon conference.2008.11.11 Daejeun South korea This rifle uses 20mm airburst ammunition and 5.56mm NATO. 20mm launcher operates as bolt action and use 5 round mag. This weapon will be fielded in next year.

Like the XM29 OICW, it appears to weigh a ton.

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  1. I’ve always felt the weight issue (though by all accounts the OCIW didn’t meet it’s target weight) is kind of BS. Give the troops a weapon that adds new effetive means of killing the bad guys while improving their own chance of staying alive…….and I’ll bet they’d find a way to hump the damn thing around. That’s not to say there might very well have been other problems worse than too much bulk and weight. Maybe the marvelous electronics would have proven to have been too complicated, delicate, or too prone to battery failure, and I really can’t believe that short a$$ed barrel they saddled the OCIW with was going to improve the 5.56s ballistic efficiency (which obviously the Koreans wer smart enough to address with the high tech LONGER BARREL on their version! LOL! Be interesting to see an eval on the new Koran model in one of the gun rags.

  2. Agree with Flanker. I never complained about the weight of my weapon – it was all the other shit I hated. The steel-framed radio, the canvas/steel pack, the web gear, body armor, leather boots, helmet, etc… Some of those things have been fixed, but the armor is heavier now and there are more electronic gadgets to drag around.

    I always thought they should bullpup the thing to get a full-length barrel on a shorter rifle.

    What’s with that scope? Is he going to shoot down a satellite?

  3. I’ve never had to hump a weapon anywhere… so I might be speaking rubbish.

    But to me it seems that if they field this, they can take half the amount of grenades you would if you only had a M203 (assuming you know whatever you target, you will definitely hit).

    What I’m surprised though (maybe you can) is that these weapons don’t have removable sights. It would seem like a good idea that if the sight was removable, you could give it to your buddy to carry. In the same way that I assume people hand out the 40mm grenades (in this case 20mm) or belt-ammo.

    This way you could also maybe fire the weapon in “dumb” mode if necessary, or if the mission demands, get rid of the sight and go “light”.

    Isn’t this what real “modularity” should mean? Not that you can strip a rifle and replace a barrel with a longer version.

    Modularity in my mind has been hijacked by the people in the supply chain as a way to reduce their costs. Yes that is a good idea to do so too, but I think the word “modular” has lost it’s true meaning.

  4. FYI my comment about modularity is in regards to rifles like the XM8 where it seems you can exchange about every component to make a “new” weapon – even though in reality it’s probably not as good as a “dedicated” weapon.

  5. If you’re not complaining about the weight of your weapon, you’ve obviously never hoisted an 18-lb (at the time) OICW. 27-odd lbs might be OK for an M240 which will almost always be fired in some sort of supported position, but through experimentation the Army learned that once you hit 12 lbs or so, the weight of the weapon severely degrades the firer’s accuracy with any weapon fired from the shoulder.

    The 5.56 weapon can’t be a bullpup — the 20mm portion is, and that mag takes up the rear space (unless you go side-by-side, which was one of the original OICW options but was eliminated going into final design downselect). Note that dude’s right hand is holding the 20mm magazine.

    The sight’s so big because if it’s designed like the XM104 OICW sight, it has a direct-view optic (wide field of view glass is big/heavy) plus thermal sight, plus LRF, plus ballistic computer, plus power supply. The XM104 sight has gotten smaller, but it’s still pretty bulky compared to a plain-jane optic, or even a light thermal weapons sight. If they ditched the direct-view optic and went strictly electronic it would get a lot smaller, but then the folks would complain about not having a sight when the power fails (counter — a piece of glass without powered reticle is just a piece of class, anyway).

    Looks like the Koreans got smart and went single-shot with the 20mm … the recoil mech for semi fire took up a lot of space/weight claim in OICW and is still a challenge for XM25. It also looks like they didn’t go modular with the KE and HE portions of the weapon, which will make for better integration and lighter weight.

    The direty secret, though, is that the hard part of the whole system isn’t the weapon — it’s the 20mm warhead and fuze electronics. 20mm is a damnned small package to put programmable electronics, a power supply, enuogh warhead to matter, and still have it fly right … which is a huge part of the reason OICW ended up switching to 25mm before it was “restructured”.

    I swear, though, the first manufacturer to successfully pull off an effective combinatorial weapon will have the world beat a path to their door.

  6. Before building this all-in-one wonder, how about building a decent stand-alone 20 or 25mm grenade launcher?

    The grenadier could defend himself with dumb shotgun rounds or a submachine gun and break out the high-tech ammo when his unit starts to fire and maneuver. The M79 was used that way in Vietnam.

  7. Not to go too far OT here, but what’s the deal with that tall, cyborg looking dude behind the head of the guy with the gun?

    What is on his head, and why is he wearing it in this crowd? And it looks like he’s got a couple packs of cards or something sticking out of it. I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

    Anybody have any ideas what that contraption is?

  8. Stand alone 25mm launcher = XM25.

    Here’s the problem: it’s got a 4-round magazine. Given the size of the magazines, you can fit about four of them on your body before you take up all the available space, so you’re carrying 20 rounds ready … maybe another 20 rounds in a spare bandolier on your back if you’re willing to take the weight.

    How many of thosse 20 ready HE rounds, which are highly lethal but absolutely no good at close range (except as slugs) are you willing to give up for shot-shell? Particularly when you get into an urban environment … close range target pops up — do you have time to change magazines, clear the HE round that’s chambered, and fire a 25mm shot shell?

    So you’re probably still carrying a carbine for self-defense … so you’ve got a standard rifleman with all his load (body armor, SAPI, water, ammo, etc) plus a 14-lb (being generous) 25mm launcher and another 15 lbs of 25mm ammo. Ends up being heavier than the current M203 gunner’s load. It’s more effective under some conditions (like when all your HE targets are in windows more than 200m away), but it’s still problematic. There’s a reason the Army walked away from dedicated grenadiers (though the USMC has headed back that way with the M32 six-shot 40mm launcher, though you’ll see M32 gunners still carrying an M16A4, and the Marines do have a thrid fire team in their squads …).

  9. id say weight of a weapon is no problem, if you can qualify with an m249 during weapons famillarization testing, im sure you can handle a heavy ass weapon, come on, my uncle that was in vietnam, was in the marines, actually used the M63 as a machine gunner, and he traded back for a heavy ass 60,No fuckin way weight of a weapon is as comparable to the heavy ass body and load you have to haul around, Im tired as it is at school lugging a 40IB back pack up four stories cause my lockers in the basement along with every I know, a heavy stand alone would be no burden if it works

  10. and no, that M249 will never see a bipod, unless on a roof, in modern urban combat, support specialists know this, they dont complain about the 27ib hunk of killing machine in front of them, they complain about the extra 50ib on their back full of IVs and medical equipment

  11. Hey guys that is not big SCOPE! that’s computer that calculate the distance to airbrust…. and it is not LIGHT gun.. it is for the extra support. light guns are diffrent like K1 and K2 with American Grande Luncher which is not bad.

  12. Oh my god! =D The guy to the left with the glasses is my uncle! He speaks korean so I never bothered to ask his name (stupid me) but wow! He just visited not too long ago!

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