More on the M4 Replacement

Army Considering Search for M4 Replacement

Army Considering Search for M4 Replacement

The Army checked out offerings from manufacturers interested in producing a new carbine for the military yesterday. Here’s an interesting bit of info from the Army News Service write-up:

…The secretary of the Army has directed the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command to create a requirements document for a new individual weapon for Soldiers.

That requirements document is expected to clear the Joint Requirements Oversight Committee next summer and a Request For Proposal might be released in September 2009, Tamilio said. With the release of an RFP, arms manufactures will compete to sell the Army a follow-on to the M-4.

Might be released.”


  1. … assuming the requirement clears the JROC, which the last Army new rifle requirement (OICW Increment I) didn’t. No JROC, no requirement, no program.

  2. I liked how the big guy claimed to be “impressed” by the M4. A late 60s AR design with a barrel 5.5″ shorter…uhuwww, impressive.

    I mean, its not a bad gun of course, but impressive? Comparing to what? Cause I shot an old AK, and although heavy, with a considerable recoil and not the most accurate thing, just the loudness was impressive.

  3. Well, I loved the M-14, and as far as weight goes, the BAR was right up there. I am probably one of the last Navy guys to ever qualify with a BAR, and THAT was an impressive weapon.

    But yeah, a go-back to the M-14 or some sort of mod would seem to me to be a really nice idea.

  4. this situation is turning into SPIW all over again, eventually all this BS is going to be thrown to special forces when they look at some pre-existing service rifle for a different military outfit is using, like some 10 year old USMC gun or some gun the SEALS sparingly used for a couple of years that everyone likes,
    every design that has been submitted and not been utilized is screwed

    really, you shouldn’t listen to opinion, all those traditionalists of guns or people that scrutinize new or foreign designs have their head up their asses and need glass stomachs to see the light. Hitler halted production of the 2nd instituted assault rifle design and 1st to be standard issue(MP44, first assault rifle was the Fedorov Avtomat), simply because he didn’t see it as effective as a kar98 or gewehr43(stubborn firearms traditionalist), I probably wouldn’t be learning french right now if the anti semitic asshole didn’t have his head up his ass, opinion doesn’t matter, performance does

  5. Its about time they quit forming committee’s to discuss the option of possibly looking into the future developments that may lead to getting nearer to deciding on the right weapon for the troops.

    There are plenty of options that work. Im a bullpup fan

    Israeli Tavor, Sig Styr or the english bullpup are all fine weapons.

    If you must go with a standard config then get the HK or XM8.

  6. Bullpup in the US Army is utopy. Although I always impressed by that one designed by MagPul, very sleek and minimialist.

  7. Aaahhh, Kiwiruss, I see we’re like minded individuals! My standard sarcastic comment for much of my career in Criminal Justice was, want to accomplish diddly $hit? “Form a committee and study the problem/issue!” LOL!

    After my sole very small experience with the British Enfield I have to admit I’m much more receptive to a bullpup design. Any of them would certainly allow a longer than 14″ barrel (major source of performance fall off with the 5.56) while retaining short over all length. And the rearward weight bias made for a very quick handling weapon too!

    For the period of mid ’04 to early ’06 (while I was working in the W. Bank) we came into contect with many Israeli security force units. I kept my eye out the entire time, trying to catch a glimpse of a Tavor, but it just didn’t happen. Surprisingly, I didn’t spot that many Galils either; the vast bulk of the troops carried M4s or M16s! Admittedly, most of these units were reserve IDF, Magav (border police), or police and not the SF folks you’d expect to be amongst the first to get something new, like the Tavor.

    My favortie memory of the period was being at a popular resort in the summer of ’04, and seeing a very shapely young lady in a very skimpy blue bikini, walking along the edge of the pool with an M16A2 lung over her back! w00t!

  8. The best and most economical solution right now is an m4-style weapon with a gas-piston system champered for 6.5 grendel or 6.8 spc. American companies like LMT and POF are already producing these more reliable, more powerfull m4-style weapons.

  9. M-14 heavy but a work horse, auto 5.56 comes in many styles pick one. For a few pennies more the 7.62 in say a Grail, HK just pick one and stop the committee’s from letting our guys die doing what they have been ask to do!!!!!!!!! Oh and the reason 90% of those polled say the M-4 is ok to them. Well my guess is that they might not have been in a extended hot and heavy shit storm just a guess.

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