Even more Light MRAPs

DoD Doubles Potential Buy of Light MRAPs

When the effort to find an MRAP that could handle rough Afghan terrain began last summer, U.S. Department of Defense buyers sought up to 5,000 vehicles. But a summary of an upcoming request for bids that went out Nov. 13 calls for buying “up to 10,000” of the 7- to 10-ton troop transporters. That could mean lightweight MRAP orders could nearly match the 12,000 original 14- to 24-ton MRAPs.

By the time competitors submit designs, a winner is chosen, contracts are finalized, and they begin building vehicles, are we really going to need a gigantic fleet of Afghanistan-ready light troop trucks?

UPDATE: A reader emails to suggest that many or most of these may eventually end up with the Iraqi and Afghan security forces. That makes sense.


  1. Maybe they are planning on having them available for the new “Civilian Defense Corps” to use stateside? Be handy to transport all the “volunteers” to the “camps of instruction”.

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