Fewer AH-64s in Korea

Half of U.S. Army’s Apache fleet in South Korea is leaving

Stars and Stripes:

The 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, currently stationed at Camp Eagle in Wonju, will move to Ft. Carson, Colo., in March, according to a press release from U.S. Forces Korea.

The relocation will allow the regiment to prepare for an upcoming deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, according to USFK spokesman Dave Palmer.

That deployment is scheduled for fall of 2009, Palmer wrote Sunday in response to questions.

12 A-10s will replace the 24 AH-64 Apache Longbows.


  1. They’re bringing that unit back to CONUS to support Bu$Hitler’s takeover of AmeriKKKa before Obama can be inaugurated.

    Haliburton’s weather machine will make sure it’s always ideal flying weather for them, too.

  2. I understand that all of the choppers are getting a coat of black paint, with Masonic insignia in place of the standard US ARMY flashes.

    All of the military are also being indoctrinated with Illuminati dogma, and Officers, especially are undergoing Masonic Initiations to ensure their “reliability” during upcoming ops.

    Honest. I read it on a intertube site.

  3. “Are 12 A-10s equivalent to 24 Apaches in tank-busting power?”…In actual combat against an enemy tank force AH-64’s and A-10 compliment each other. The AH-64’s go for the anti-air and soft skin units and the A-10’s kills everything else.

    Dollar for dollar nothing is better then an A-10 in killing tanks. (Well actually mines are cheaper but they don’t have good press.). That said AH-64 is pretty lethal in its own right.

  4. TBV,
    Thanks for that JAWS link. Great quote from the report, discussing going air-to-air against the A-10:

    “Taking on a Hog was not like picking off a sitting duck; it was more like reaching down a hole to grab a badger.”

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