‘It’s getting out of control’

India sinks suspected pirate mother ship

An Indian naval vessel sank a suspected pirate “mother ship” in the Gulf of Aden and chased two attack boats into the night, officials said Wednesday, as separate bands of brigands seized Thai and Iranian ships in the lawless seas.

A multinational naval force has increased patrols in the waters between the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa, where pirates have grown bolder and more violent. The force scored a rare success Tuesday when the Indian warship, operating off the coast of Oman, stopped a ship similar to a pirate vessel described in numerous bulletins. The Indian navy said the pirates fired on the INS Tabar after the officers asked to search it.

“Pirates were seen roaming on the upper deck of this vessel with guns and rocket propelled grenade launchers,” said a statement from the Indian navy. Indian forces fired back, sparking fires and a series of onboard blasts — possibly due to exploding ammunition — and destroying the ship.

They chased one of two speedboats shadowing the larger ship. One was later found abandoned. The other escaped, according to the statement.


  1. Kevin: No, that was the Somali Pirate’s comment that was awaiting moderation. It was the first time he commented here, so it automatically goes into moderation.

    Fortunately, I have an IP address on the guy and a ship has been dispatched to, um, dispatch him.

  2. Damn, where to I sign up to sail with the Indian Navy? They at least have the balls to track the SOB’s down and sink them!
    (Kidding…need to revitalize the Texas Navy first 😉 )

  3. One can only hope that the example set by the Indian Navy will set an example for other seafaring nations as to the proper remedy for piracy.

    I suspect, however, that rather than receive the praise rightly due them for their proper and straightforward actions, our Indian friends are likely to receive a cold shoulder from their European & UN “bettors”.

    After all, everyone knows that the only acceptable course of action following a pirate attack is to convene a committee and issue a strongly-worded response to the malefactors, to be followed by further meetings, power-point presentations, indignant letters to the press about interference in world markets, and then a strongly strongly worded letter. Followed, of course, by further meetings and hand-wringing. And more letters. Official letters.


    I say that any flagged naval vessel, which encounters pirates, ought to, and by rights is empowered to, kill every single one of them and salvage such material possessions from them for prize money as is possible.

    If navies are unwilling or unable to take such action as is needed, then the governments ought to issue letters of marque to those citizens willing to undertake such enterprises.


  4. Toejam,

    I agree, and if I could raise the venture capital, I’d toss my hat into the “guns for hire” market as well. Seems to me a fellow could derive both a good income and a sense of purpose in taking on the anti-piracy job. 🙂

  5. I think the Indian Navy’s rules of engagement, are superior to a lot of western nations.

    why not send donations to the Indian Navy?

  6. Hey, you get that “Blackwater Navy” going and get a letter of Marque, call me…I may not have a ship, but I know how to drive one 😉

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