2 chemical tankers released after payments to hijackers

Somali pirates pocket at least $1.67 million

The dollar total is for only one of the ships. The figure for the second is unknown. Earlier this week, another chemical tanker was released for $2.5 million. Owners of the oil tanker taken on Saturday are currently in negotiations.

This is sure to discourage pirates.

Murdoc votes we tell ship owners that we’re all pulling our naval assets from the area if they make payments.


  1. Carpet bomb the ports they are in. Then seize the ships if they remain afloat.

    Make the rubble bounce.

    Allow noxious pests in your home? Then don’t bitch when it gets condemned and burnt down.

  2. Why yes, it is interesting that certain newspapers who, historically (hysterically?), have gone full-blown support mode for the anti-war movement, editorializing on how our military is being squandered in foreign entanglements, are suddenly calling on the President to send the Marines in to clean out these nests of freebooters.

    I wish these buffoons would make up their minds.

    These editors are a classic example of the failures of our public school system(s), and another reason why AW1 Tim will be homeschooling starting next year.

  3. You think that a group could make a lot of good $$ by providing armed escorts for ships in this area….
    how about a free market approach?

  4. I agree with Murdoc… as I think we should all sign up and become pirates… hell it’s super lucrative! Couple of million for a few weeks negotiation… that’s nothing!

    Seriously though… I guess the Saudi’s etc. are just asking to be hijacked.

    I don’t think it will be long before we see less crews willing to take the trip either. They are shooting themselves in the foot with this one! It’ll be like the days of old where we pay the pirates to actually sail the boats themselves for us. I think the British Navy did that… way back in the day.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we suddenly get other countries starting to do this either. It sends a global message!

  5. The answer is somewhat simple. Require all commercial traffic to have encrypted GPS transponder/interrogation systems. This would create a sea based IFF system. Park 3-4 Global Hawks to monitor the area to record and track naval movement. Have on call a B-52 on call.

    Any ship tracked disgorging pirate skiffs would be subject to attack by the B-52.

  6. Either that or just escort all vessels passing through the area with gunboats, frigates, destroyers, whatever. Whatever is large enough to blow the pirate vessels away. If necessary escort them in convoys.

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