Friday Linkzookery – 21 Nov 2008

Inside a U.S. hostage rescue mission
American businessman rescued in Afghanistan

US Supreme Court allows sonar use
US Navy can practice again

General Dynamics Awarded F-35 Lightning II Gun System Contracts
The F-35A will carry an internal 25mm gatling gun. The B and C models will need to carry an external gun pod.

Norway Chooses F-35 To Replace F-16s
Taking Lightnings instead of the Swedish-built Gripen

Skittish Israel Pares F-35I Extras
Customized Lightning model came in at $200 million per copy

AKLightning Bolt
Videos of left-side charging handle for AK clones

Pakistan army practices shooting drone aircraft
Wish they’d spend more time actually shooting bad guys

I support Iraq insurgents but I loved England, says terror accused
Wannabe nightclub bomber loves England by trying to kill Englishmen for the terrorists

Lessons of the surge
At its core, the surge has been about cooperatively protecting the Iraqi civilian population.

Newer Russian Nuclear Attack Sub Sought for 2010
Severodvinsk-class can supposedly operate down to 1970 feet.

Soviet Subs In The Sunset
The Rooskie sub fleet is dwindling.

Not Exactly Under the Radar
The gun buying spree is nationwide and not a secret

J.J. Abrams’ New USS Enterprise Fully Revealed!
Not sure if I think this is going to be any good

Army Sets First Execution in Over 50 Years
Ronald A. Gray, cook convicted of multiple rapes and murders in 1986 and 1987, dies next month

Uranium at Syria site come from Israeli missiles: FM

IAEA: Bombed Syrian site had features like a nuclear reactor
The Israelis probably dropped construction materials and building layouts with their missiles, too

Army orders another 20,000 M9s
No comment

Muslim killed Catholic girl in love with flatmate
There is going to be more and more of this in Europe, I think

Pete Townshend tips his hat to Obama
“Most wonderful” election will apparently bring a new new boss

Conway: Sealift key to Corps expeditionary legs
Most Marines seem to be more like soldiers than Marines these days

Repaired data drives restoring the Moon
Pulling hi-res Lunar Orbiter mission imagery from hundreds of old tapes


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