CALLED 16:41 17 Mar 2003

Has anyone really said why we withdrew the second (or 18th – you know what I mean) resolution from the UN without a vote? I thought we were going to call for a vote regardless of the expected outcome. I thought we were going to make people show their cards. I thought we’d be able to use the results as a sort of roll call in the months and years ahead. I thought the results would be a primary exhibit when discussing UN relevancy. The reason I thought so is that the president told me so.

Instead we’ve got a statement from a press conference a week and a half ago that seemed like a big deal at the time but was revealed to be nothing more than loud talk with no stick. Why is that? Why not call for the vote? Would the US and our allies lose even more face internationally if it failed? Not very likely at this point. Were we afraid of being shown up by a French veto? Maybe, but wasn’t that the whole point? The war and its aftermath will determine who is right and who is wrong about this.

But, not incidentally, France called our bluff.