BE ADVISED 08:13 17 Mar 2003

The US has advised UN weapons inspectors to leave Iraq. No official order has been issued for them to begin pulling out, but they apparently can get out in as little as 48 hours once the word is given. I’m not sure if that will be quick enough. Especially without five of their helicopters, which left after their insurace agency failed to continue coverage. It’s not often that I side with insurace companies, but I can’t really blame them in this case.

Word has it that the president will make a national address shortly after today’s Moment of Truth is over. I really thought it would be around the 28th (for reasons stated on 3/11 in “Moon Calendar + My Two Cents” below), but it sure looks like things are about to start for real, doesn’t it?

Update 13:43 17 Mar 2003

Kofi Annan ordered UN inspectors and workers to withdraw from Iraq. President Bush will address the nation tonight at 8:00 ET.