Friday Linkzookery – 28 Nov 2008

‘Sons of Iraq’ continues shift to Iraqi control
Most SoI groups in Baghdad are now under Iraqi control. The rest of the country will soon follow.

A close call for 2 generals in Iraq
Two US generals plus an Iraqi general survive a suicide car bomb hit while riding in a Navistar MaxxPro Plus in August.


Mark 7 receives ARC upgrade
New electronic upgrade for aircraft carrier arresting gear.

WKRP in Cincinnati
I post the ‘Turkeys Away’ clip every Thanksgiving, but the whole series is a classic.

Guard Stryker Brigade to deploy with FCS UAVs
56th Brigade will be first to use Micro Air Vehicle and Class I Block Zero unmanned air vehicles.

India Maps Out Manned Exploration Program
Is it going to be crowded up there?

Charter Arms’ New Rimless Revolver
To be available in .40, .45, and 9mm.

Lights out at Studio 28 movie theater
The end of an era in Michigan.

Marine out in the woods
Nice picture.


  1. Wow, that rimless revolver in 45 ACP is an answer to my dreams. I might even consider the 9.

    If they’re even halfway decent, I’ll ditch my .38’s in a heartbeat. That’s one of the few remaining semi-oddball rounds that I wish I didn’t have to deal with anymore.

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