I was reading a couple days ago that the only two wars ever authorized by the UN Security Council were Korea in 1950 and the Persian Gulf war of 1991. I hadn’t realized that. (And if it’s wrong, please let me know).

If that’s true, isn’t it a bit WEIRD that both of those wars are STILL GOING ON, 50 and 12 years after they “ended”?

And that in both cases the US did the overwhelming amount of authorized fighting before the cease-fire?

And that in both cases the US has spent an amazing amount of effort and money to enforce the peace since the cease-fires began?

And that in both cases US troops remain on the front lines and in harm’s way?

And that in both cases there has been a long string of diplomatic failures (on both sides) and continuous threats of new fighting?

And that in both cases we’re now faced with regimes that have no interest whatsoever in “peace” or in being responsible members of a “world community”?

And that in both cases the US will probably again have to pay in blood and gold to keep the outlaws from running their respective regions their way.

And that in both cases, regardless of the outcome, the US will be strongly criticized for its actions. (By many of the people protected from the outlaws, incidentally.)

But still many say that it’s wrong to go to war without UN authorization. That it won’t be good if we go it alone (never mind all the other nations that will be going with us.) They say as if thing may go BADLY without UN approval.