Happy Thanksgiving, MO Readers!

Oh, the humanity.

UPDATE: Apparently the video I had up was pulled sometime this morning. I’ve got a replacement, but it’s not as good.

And it’s missing Mr. Carlson’s “As God as my witness…I thought turkeys could fly.

UPDATE 2: Found a much better one that also includes some credits and an intro. Even it is missing Les’ report about the turkey counter-attack, though.

Good times. WKRP is a classic.


  1. Oh Lord, Murdoc,

    That episode is one of my all time TV highlights. That whole show had some of the best writers and actors to ever work together. It was tight and not overdone and very very funny.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. I found it to be extremely hit and miss, AW1. Sometimes it would be hilarious, only to have the next week’s episode be some unfunny story to allow a character to show how moral he/she was. Very annoying.

    Also, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble about turkeys, but they can glide, and do quite well, just like chickens. Tossing a bird out of a helicopter won’t kill it. But it does make funny sitcom fodder! 🙂

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